LightWool Reinforced Crew neck W

Insigne Blue/High Risk Red/Nature M

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LightWool Reinforced crew neck is a long-sleeved sweater with a round neck. Insulates well under a midlayer on cold days, but works of course great by itself on warmer days. Suitable for high intensity activities like alpine skiing, cycling, alpine touring and running. Reinforcements with double layers on the shoulders and elbows for extra durability and comfort. LightWool is soft and light and especially developed for warmer days. Do you know that wool actually has a cooling effect when it’s warm outside? Wool insulates against heat from the outside and therefore cools on days with higher temperatures. These are garments that ventilate and regulate body temperature as per activity, made of 100% merino wool. LightWool is perfect for long tours, and wool is naturally resistant to odour. Simply dry and air the garment, and it’s ready to use again. Aclima LightWool is possibly the softest wool underwear you will ever try. The garment is knitted in 17.5 micron yarn and the fabric weighs only 140 g/m2.
Insigne Blue/High Risk Red/Nature
Insigne Blue/High Risk Red/Nature
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