Vibeke "Vibi" Sefland

Vibeke is a mountain climber, guide, adventurer, aid worker and officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces. She is one of a few Norwegians who have climbed “The 7 Summits” (the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents). She has been internationally recognized for her expeditions in the Himalayas, where she has, among other things, climbed 4 of the world's 8000meters and has been involved in rescue operations on Mt Everest. She always combines her expeditions with aid work or support to local societies. In that way her performance reaches a greater goal with deeper meaning. She has run projects in Nepal, Afghanistan, Uganda and South Sudan. Vibeke's last accomplishment is now written in to history as she guided the first Afghan woman to the top of Afghanistan's highest mountain Noshaq 7492m. She has been more than 25 years in the Armed Forces, and as a part of the NATO COE winter warfare center, she was the main instructor for the first all-female team to crossed Antarctica in 2018.


”I always use Aclima! The quality is unbeatable. Durability, fit and designe are undoubtedly best on the market, which means best in the world. My activity requires the absolute best of quality and durability, and only Aclima can give me that quality needed. I wear the same wool net and light wool / warm wool throughout an entire expedition ... without changing for 2 months. A summit push can last up to 24 hours with temperatures from +10C to – 40C. It's important to have layers that keeps me warm without having to change during a push like that. And since I am very fond of animals, it is important to me that Aclima puts animal welfare as one of their main pillars. Thank you very much, Aclima!"

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