The environment is important!


Aclima is concerned with preserving the environment for future generations. We constantly work to improve, and try to let durability and quality permeate everything we do.

Our products are being produced in Northern Europe, which leads to less emission during transport. We work to optimize the use of materials at our factory in Estonia, by trying to use all the fabric as efficiently as possible. We give away the left over fabric to for example a company who produces punching balls for boxing. The dye-works we use have closed systems to reduce emission of wastewater, and in addition they work with ISO 14001 (environmental management system). We are very particular about the fact that our old and new partners actively work with environmental protection and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We make sure that we have close contact and follow up on all our partners – all the way from the yarn to the finished product.


Aclima has certifications stating that the merino sheep delivering wool to Aclima are treated well, and that out products do not contain harmful substances. All our products are certified by the Øko-Tex 100, where we make sure that the entire development process is certified and non-toxic. Wool is a renewable resource, as you wait till the wool has grown back and then cut it again. It is also biodegradable because the hair is made up of proteins, which are yummy treats for insects and microbes.


All our employees have rights that are applicable to the EU/EEA, and we have received awards for humanitarian work in the community through our Estonian sister-factory. Safety and a good working-environment are important to us, as all employees should feel looked after at work – no matter which country they work in.


We at Aclima will take our responsibility, and will continue to work further with shared responsibility for the environment and humans.



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