WoolNet Hybrid

This collection combines the best of two worlds. Our famous Woolnet together with the WarmWool fabric, giving you extra isolation and protection in exposed areas as well as the unique breathability that woolnet offers. We recommend this garments for all activities from alpine touring during the winter, long mountain tours, Nordic skating, hunting, fishing and expeditions.


Aclima WoolNet® is the original when it comes to wool net garments. It is designed for high intensity activities when moisture transport, weight, ventilation and best functionality are the most important. Do you know that air insulates? The net creates small air pockets that provide good insulation without feeling sticky and too warm. Thanks to the material’s ability to transport moisture, the temperature is regulated during high and low intensity levels, almost like a thermostat. Because the net material is made of merino wool, we also get all the advantages of wool. Wool warms even when wet and doesn’t smell. This collection unites quality, function and design in one. It isn’t by chance that the military has used Aclima WoolNet for years. The wool net is extremely fast drying and comfortably stretchy.


Material: WoolNet: 120g/m2, 80% Wool (Merino) 20% Polyamide. Ribbed knitting: 250g/m2, 96% Wool (Merino) 4% Elastane.


WarmWool is a knitted material and thus elastic and flexible. The fabric is made of 100% merino wool, with a weight of 200gsm. The fibres in WarmWool are 20.5 microns, the fabric is soft and comfortable against the skin.



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